About The Workshop

Dramatically improve your drawing skills during this 6 session class, aimed at developing your artistic ability.

You will see a drastic change in your drawing, or we will refund your entire tuition!*

An example of student improvement- self portraits before and after:

 before and after 1

Regardless of your skill level, we will teach you 5 basic drawing skills that will allow you to change your visual perceptions and provide you with the tools you need to translate those perceptions into beautiful works of art.

Pulling heavily from the works of Betty Edwards’ Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, instructor Cody Limbaugh will guide you through a series of fun exercises, each designed to awaken your abilities and provide you with the skills to develop a lifetime of enjoyment, satisfaction and fullfilment in your drawings.

If you’ve wanted to learn to draw well, or if you desire to improve upon your existing skills, this is the class for you! These sessions never fail to impress and transform students. You will gain confidence and be inspired! Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be forever changed!

before and after 2before and after 3

This series will be taught in 6 sessions. We will meet weekly at various locations. (See the complete Class Schedule) Sessions may vary in length but plan on two hours. Cody will stay later if you need extra time to complete drawing assignments.

This introductory price includes all six sessions in this course. Future courses will be offered at nearly twice this price, and will never be this low again!

Be sure to “like” our Facebook page. We look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you!

*Participants must complete all assignments to be eligible for refund


2 thoughts on “About The Workshop

    1. Hello!

      This is a perfect class for anyone who feels they “have no current drawing abilities”. You will see dramatic results!

      In order to attend the workshop, students must pay at least one day in advance. You can purchase the workshop through our event bright page listed on this sight or you can stop in to the workshop location and purchase on sight if you prefer.

      Please let me know if you have further questions.

      Thank you for your interest, I look forward to meeting you!



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